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Green OX GSE Tractor

The Green OX Is What Every Airport Needs

Green Ox Electric GSE Tractor


  • Electric Baggage Tractor

The Green OX is a 30.24 kwh battery powered 3 seat baggage tractor. The OX has been built as an affordable, long lasting, reliable electric tractor. Easy and comfortable to drive, this capable tractor has a long lasting battery life and charges quickly by simply plugging into a standard outlet. The electric components are safely locked under the hood, until minimal maintenance is required.

  • Registered Clean Energy Vehicle

The Green OX is registered with the British Columbian government clean energy rebate incentive program.

  • Customizable options

The deck area can be customized with options such as longer deck, heavier GVW, detachable belt loader, lavatory services, and potable water. Basically, we are limited by your imagination with what we can do with the OX.

Green OX Specifications

  • Airport electric baggage tractor
  • 30.24 kwh, 72 volt
  • Brushless AC electric motor
  • Directly coupled to gear driven, open transaxle
  • Additional 12 volt system for accessories
  • Standard 120 volt charging*
  • Acid flood batteries*
  • Batteries are easily obtainable for maintenance and stored under seat
  • Three seater, forward tilting bench
  • Bolt on, replaceable seat cushion
  • All other components are under front locking hood
  • Weight 4000 lbs.
  • Break-away and pulls 20,000 lbs.
  • 56” wide x 108” long, 6” ground clearance*
  • Large disc brakes on the front axle
  • 7500 lb. GVW*
  • Large drum brakes on the rear axle
  • Hand activated park brake
  • Regenerative braking
  • Speed empty on flat ground – 18 mph (30 kmh)
  • One of North America’s most common wheel size*
  • Drop down side deck gates
  • Removable back gate
  • Forward and reverse “inch” buttons at the rear, for one-man ability to hitch to heavy carts
  • Spring loaded, draw pin hitch at the back with predrilled, multiple height, mounting holes
  • Front 2” receiver for easy install and removal of hitch
  • 9’ turning radius
  • Independent suspension
  • Front wheel drive
  • Hydraulic steering

Note: All consumables are readily available, off of the shelf at your local auto parts store, making maintenance quick, easy, and affordable.

* Available options


  • UHMV rub protection
  • Cab: Four windows, two doors, defrost, heater
  • Optional roof window

Future Options:

  • Four wheel drive
  • Four wheel steer