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Blue Juice Lav Fluid

Blue Juice Lav Fluid

DCL Aviation Group is a certified and licensed Canadian distributor of Blue Juice Lav Fluid.

Description of Blue Juice Lav Fluid :

Blue Juice LavFluid (LF) is a new class of environment-friendly aircraft lavatory fluid. This only fully-formulate fluid is patented and ready-to-use flushing fluid, which requires no mixing. It consists of an SAE AMS 1476 deodorant and a biobased, non-glycol freeze point depressant.
It makes an ideal solution to traditional glycol and acetate-based winterized lavatory fluid, which are dangerous to the environment.

100% certified USDA Biobased Product

The USDA BioPreferred Program approves Blue Juice LF. It is made up of renewable agricultural feedstock material that is easily available and cost-effective.

Some of its features are:
• No Volatile Organic Compounds
• No Air Pollutants
• No Glycols
• No SARA Title III reportable materials
• Biobased
• Readily biodegradable
• Low BOD

Blue Juice LF doesn’t contain corrosive salts and is non-hazardous to plants and animals. It is non-inflammable and doesn’t contain OSHA hazardous components.

Some of its other Features include:
• Long-lasting and pleasant odor
• Deep-blue color due to non-staining dye
• Non-corrosive to metals
• Neutral pH

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100% Approved Product

BlueJuice LF adheres to all corrosion and materials compatibility requirements of:

• Boeing D6-17487R
• AMS 1476C
• Airbus AIMS09-00-002
• Air Force Air Mobility Command Instruction

Applications of Blue Juice LF:

Besides aircraft’s, Blue Juice LF is suitable for many other applications:

• Marine
• Mass transit
• Rail
• Portable toilets
• Recreational vehicles